The Prydz Carlton


Eric Prydz never ceases to amaze me. His music creates a feeling like nothing else. And it happens every time. Here is his most recent track, 1 of a 2 track EP scheduled to drop soon. Wait around till the end to hear an on air interview with Eric himself.



Holler for the HalloWEEKENDER!

MusicFondue is pumped to present this monster mash of freakishly good FUNK. Featuring a couple choice numbers by Oliver, NuDisco jams by La Royale and Lxury, and of course, some famous Halloween features along the way.

Grab your ghoul and howl at the moon!


John Carpenter – Halloween Theme
Ghostbusters (Kill Paris Remix)
Bufi, La Royale – Watch Out (Original Mix)
Lenno – Rebirth
Thriller (Cousin Cole’s Real Simple Edit)
Wasabi, Sugar Hill – Sexy Eyes (Original Mix)
La Royale – The Crush
Lxury – J.A.W.S. (Original Mix)
Stevie Wonder – Superstition (Dilemmachine Remix)
Cyclist ft Maiko Watson – Shine
Starsmith – Clockwork
Oliver – Control (Nom De Strip Remix)
John Talabot – Oro y Sangre
Oliver – Night Is On My Mind (Original Mix)
Goldbass – Primadonna (Funkhameleon Remix)
Ghosts of Venice Feat. Josh Jakq – My Love (Original Mix)
Urban Cone – Deja Vu (Oliver Nelson Remix)
Great Good Fine Ok – You’re The One For Me
Oliver – Walk With Me (Original Mix)
Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells (From “The Exorcist”)

Le Tour

Look for this tune on the upcoming WEEKENDER which will be released next Wednesday, October 30th, Halloween Eve. Pete and I have been piling together a lot of new tunes and look forward to sharing them with y’all. Stay tuned!