Welcome to My Party


“A guy named Steve Rubell had a dream: To throw the best damned party the world had ever seen and to make it last forever. He built a world where fantasy was put up as reality and where an 80-year-old disco queen could dance till dawn. Where models mingled with mechanics, plumbers danced with princes. It was a place where all labels were left behind. A place where there were no rules.”

Here’s some fresh disco vibes from the one and only Oliver.

– Spottswood

“Remix Artist Collective”


Had the opportunity to see RAC play a live set last week at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. They put on an awesome show that was more intriguing and engaging than the DJ set, adding strong personalities on stage (namely the lovely Liz on keyboard). RAC has a deep song bank of more than 200 remixes. They have taken on the likes of U2, Lady Ga Ga, Kings of Leon, Bob Marley, and Chromeo to name a few. I want to highlight a couple numbers that Andre and company decided to play at 9:30.