Nike x Ellie Goulding


Last month, Ellie Goulding teamed up with Nike and released a remixed version of her album “Halcyon” to promote the women’s half marathon in Washington, D.C. The album offers a 45 minute continuous mix of deep house and groovy versions of some of Ellie’s most popular songs. I am a huge fan and highly recommend “Halcyon Remixed” for your next run, poolside visit, apartment scrub down, or pregame.

01 (00:00) (INTRO) My Blood – Kastle Remix
02 (00:47) Anything Could Happen – Birdy Nam Nam Remix
03 (03:08) My Blood – Kastle Remix
04 (06:20) Dead In The Water – Drop Lamond Remix
05 (09:14) Hanging On – Ahadadream Remix
06 (12:35) Without Your Love – Amtrac Remix
07 (19:00) Figure 8 – Toyboy & Robin Remix
08 (24:50) Don’t Say A Word – Star Slinger Remix
09 (26:50) Only You – Special Features Remix
10 (30:50) Explosions – Stay Positive Remix
11 (36:14) Atlantis – Everything Everything Remix
12 (41:30) Halcyon – FTSE Remix

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