Drop-Kick the Bass


Sometimes the addition of a simple kick-drum can turn an original song into something completely different and immensely special. Deadmau5 has long been the king of the kick-drum with tracks like “There Might Be Coffee” and “Strobe”. The song goes from 0-60 with the push of a button. It is an infectious sound that demands some form of rhythmic movement (head bobbin, etc), and it reveals to the audience exactly where things are headed. Take these two tracks for example. First, a refreshing spin on Coldplay’s “Fix You” that crescendos to a chilling chorus verse (3:12). Second is a remix of Radiohead’s “Everything in its right place”. I reeaaally like this one. The slightly offbeat and odd tempo reminds me of some of Deadmau5’s work.

Came across this oldie from Deadmau5 while browsing through his stuff on my iTunes and wanted to share with y’all as well. Some may not have heard it before.

Hope everyone is having a Happy Holiday!


Deadmau5 vs. AVB


Deadmau5 and trance legend, Armin Van Buuren have recently been collaborating over Twitter, passing edits back n forth of what will surely be an amazing track. Here is a small preview. I know, it’s such a tease.


Heat Wave


It’s 70 degrees outside…Viceroy seems to be onto something. “Summertime, all the time.” Here are a couple fairly new tracks by said DJ.

And in case you missed it a month back…

Now get out there and enjoy day!