Blacking In


Survived Hurricane Sandy in NYC. Apartment has no power (and won’t for days), but LGRIII, Bobby C, and CRW have kindly let me crash and charge up. Figured I’d throw up a few feel good tunes. Happy Halloween



It’s Time To Get Up, Get Out

Getting lost in the world of the Whiskey Barons, check them out.

“If I was a movie star, five million dollars would be my price
If I was a trucker, I’d drive for seven days and seven lonely nights
If I was a drummer, I would never miss the beat
If I was a dancer, y’all would never see my feet
If I was a hooker, a thousand dollars would be my price, all right
If I was a candidate for President, I’d make sure I had a steady wife
If I was a millionaire, I’d spend all my money in one crazy night”


Paft Dunk


Commissioned for a recent Yves Saint Laurent fashion show, Daft Punk produced and edited this weighty track by American blues legend Junior Kimbrough. While its not your “typical” Daft Punk, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the production value. There are several parts in the long take where you can pick up the DP vibe.

Also check out this great track by Junior via YouTube.

These tracks resonate well on a day like today; crisp, cool yet seemingly sultry.


Aeroplane to Fame

The newest installment of Aeroplane’s funky monthly mix, great for all occasions. Tracklist is provided below.


1. Mayer Hawthorne – No Strings ( RAC Remix )
2. Mock & Toof – My Head
3. Monitor 66 – Triscuits
4. Lloydski – Go To Sleep ( La Royale’s Do Not Sleep Version )
5. Electic Sound – Pareos ( Future Feelings Remix )
6. Dan Croll – From Nowhere ( Ben Gomori’s “Staring You In The Eye ” Remix )
7. Aeroplane feat. Jamie Principle – In Her Eyes ( Tiger & Woods Remix )
8. Ultracity – Delta
9. MANIK & Jeremy Glenn – Parasol
10. Andre VII – Discoteca Clandestina ( Bufi Remix )
11. Alterworks – You Are Given
12. Michoacan – Disco Sucks So Good ( Dubka Remix )
13. Infinity Ink – Infinity ( Claude Vonstroke Remix )
14. Bat For Lashes – All Your Gold ( Hercules & Love Affair Remix )


Rock Your Gypsy Soul

We were born before the wind
Also younger than the sun
Ere the bonnie boat was won as we sailed into the mystic
Hark, now hear the sailors cry
Smell the sea and feel the sky
Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic


Epic Raaaadddiooooo

Going out tonight? Let Eric Prydz get you set up. His most recent episode of “Epic Radio” features 4 brand new, unreleased Pryda tracks that are absolute fire. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and a new episode will download automatically to your music library every 1st of the month. It’ the gift that keeps on (progressively) giving..Enjoy


The Garden of the Beast

Magic by St. Lucia…

“You’ve got to wait for a lover
While she ties up her hair
Well she might look to another
Baby I don’t need another friend
I’m gonna ask for her number
Going to make my amends
I gotta make you my woman
You got to make me your man.”


New (leaked) Pretty Lights

From Pretty Lights Facebook an hour ago…

“A new track from my upcoming record has leaked out unintentionally. The song is called So Bright. I was not ready to put this track out but some how it’s now posted on multiple sites as well as for sale on multiple sites. I made it available for free download just now on the PL site because it has never been my intention to strictly sell any tracks off my new record. You can download it at no cost now at:

All the samples used in the track are from self composed one of a kind vinyl pressings. There is a short documentary to be released soon about the making of this upcoming PL album because it was a very unique and laborious process. I’m insanely excited to release the entire record but… I’d prefer to do it on my own terms:). Much love to all PL family, I hope you enjoy the track.”


Pierce Fulton – Sink or Swim EP

I’ve been waiting for some down time to sink my teeth into Pierce’s new EP, Sink or Swim, and now that I’ve finally heard it I can report it is superb. The first track is a crunchy progressive jam that is extremely deep and wowfully impressive. I love the vocal samples from “Pump up the Jam” (At least that’s what it sounds like…) used in a similar style to his recent hit “10-6 (That Should Do It)”. Team, this song is awesome and has reaffirmed my belief that Pierce Fulton is on his way to the top. The second track is a vocal house jam that is also very solid and worthy of a listen. Finally, I’ve thrown in Chapter 5 of Pierce’s behind the scenes documentary which features the young star touring the country. Try not to get too jealous… kid lives the life.


A Particular Future

” Everything prior seems to have been boxing in the dark, scraping without reason. Now I have my road to walk and my reason for walking it. Now the pieces fit, and this thing ambition is no longer blind but divine, a true and noble and necessary path” – Jay Gould (1865)