Graveyard Shift

Some really great NuDisco grooviness all over this one. High pitched lyrics and powerful electric guitar.

“I know the way to make you happy
I’ve gotta say, its not that hard.
I know today was a little bit too sappy
That’s just the way it should be from the start”


Its a sprint, not a marathon

Sorting through some of my Soundcloud feed. Here are a couple numbers worth sharing.

Love Capital Cities

One of my favorites of the moment. Thanks for the heads up Pete.

Ok, good? That should be enough to hold y’all over for the day. For more beats be sure to check out all the WEEKENDER’s on our Soundcloud HERE



Sorry for the lack of posts as of late folks. It was an epic weekend in NYC for ELECTRIC BEACH. So many great memories, yet so few. However, I do remember this track at about 11pm and distinctly recall those who were familiar with it had their hands raised and their eyes to the sky.


Down the Road

Brought to my attention from Georgia phenom, Seth “Trash-Talk” Thomason (@catnippeverdeen), this song is a refreshing return to some southern groove with swanky harmonica and slappy bass. The choppy, turn-table spins remind me a lot of what Dereck Vincent Smith of PL likes to show off with his tunes. I dig it a lot. Show love and purchase the song on iTunes or just visit the Fondue daily to get your fill. Happy Friday.


Top Down, Mask Up

This jam was featured on THE WEEKENDER VOL. 10 (Yin 阴) and is one of my current favorites. I love the spanish guitar style, catchy lyrics, and especially the 3:54 drop. Maybe should have been posted as a Sunday/Monday recovery song, but watcha gon do…

“One day baby we’ll be old, oh baby we’ll be old
Think of all the stories that we could of told”