Wild Nicky on da Birfday

I want to give a big birthday shout out to my partner in crime, “keif and dem”, wild nick, #1 stunna…. Pistol “Spottswood” Hans. You can thank him for 43.6% of the funky fresh and fashionable beats here on the fondue, especially the NuDisco treats and summertime vibes. For those of you who don’t know Pete, get to know him. Take him out to dinner, buy him a natty caddy, or have some casual conversation over a couple D’artangans. Pete is always looking to show people a good time and is sure to impress you with the 12.8 seconds it takes him to “one-touch” a beer.

Birthday wishes can be sent to his twitter, @p_spottswood, or MusicFondue’s email, musicfondue@gmail.com. Please, no presents.

In the spirit of Pete’s birthday, here is a new original song by one of Pete’s, and my’s, favorite DJs, Viceroy. Enjoy this one Pistol (if you haven’t already heard it you bastard) and have a great birfday.


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