Bringing John Dahlback

Getting geared up to see John Dahlback tonight at Lima Lounge in DC. The crew of KP, Moto, Danny D, and yours truly is assembling here shortly to descend on the scene. Bottles, yea…models, prob not…standing on chairs, I’m not trying to get kicked out so prob not either. The swede in the spotlight is a progressive powerhouse who’s recent jam “Life” was featured on Tiesto’s Club LIfe Vol. 2 Miami. Thats a pretty big deal so big ups to you JD, i’ll be seeing you here in a bit.

Lets get it poppin


High For This

Beautiful cover by Ellie Goulding of The Weeknd’s “High For This”. Her voice is so beautiful and I really enjoy the smooth drops and added bass lines. Extremely sexy people. Be sure to check out the original track as well, its niiiice.


Polarized Surprise

Absolutely imperative that the lights stay on..

Vocals on this next track are very crucial. I just imagine getting down on the dance floor with your partner, straight energy, sweat, and sex as Pistol so candidly put it on the most recent WEEKENDER. “Can you feel it too??”


Anticipation Station

Getting pretty pumped for the farm party in Maryland this weekend. Although the electronic music will be kept to a minimum, i thought i’d throw up a few tunes to get everyone pumped up before the trip:

– Spottswood

Hot n Fun

I’ll let Pete Tong do the honors in introducing this one…

This mashup reiterates how much I love “Arguru.” Its been a while since I played the old Deadmau5 banger, but it will most certainly get more plays after this.


Summertime…All the Time

For your listening pleasure, a new remix by Viceroy. Dude has an obsession with summertime and I am not complaining. Just like the rest of his remixes, this one is spot on and tailor made for your outdoor activities. I also included the original mix by Ghost Beach below which is a total jam in itself, however, Viceroy takes the cake…as usual.