A Little Hesitation

Thank ya Bruce for the heads up on this one. I’m glad to see you’re bumpin’ the same quality jams as us here at the Fondue, even if you are all the way across the world in China. Keep your head on a swivel my friend. When you getting back StateSide?

Porter Robinson just absolutely destroys this one. I especially like the hesitation at 2:11 and 2:26…clever dude.


Front to Back

Pulled this first track off an INCREDIBLE mix by Anoraak called Night Colors (below).

Anoraak came out with Night Colors almost a year ago, but the mixing and tracklist still POP. Enjoy


Needa “UMPH”

Best remix I have heard to “Call Me Maybe” which is taking the U.S. by storm but desperately needed a little “umph” in order for us bros not to feel completely insecure about blaring it.


Tiesto’s Club Life Vol. 2-Miami

Big preview to a remix by the 076 Dutch natives, Tiesto and Hardwell. This one will be featured on Tiesto’s Club Life Vol. 2 – Miami which drops tomorrow on iTunes. I checked out the track listing after work and there are some fantastic numbers that will be featured on Vol 2 including songs by John Dahlback, Afrojack, and of course, Tiesto himself. I highly recommend y’all check it out, purchase your favorite individual tracks, or buy the entire album. You won’t regret it.


Vice to the Roy

I mean, come on Viceroy. Do you always have to make me feel all warm n fuzzy inside? Like I don’t have a care in the world and Summer is already upon us? Like a latin girl sweating all over me…needing me, wanting me, letting me take her? Fucking cut it out already dude, this shit drives me insane!!!


Two-Pair Dock

Pistol’s new anthem…this track has a fantastic, progressive build in the beginning until it all culminates at 2:05. Groovy, funky, punchy..I love everything about this one.

Saturday nights are oh so sweet..


Find Me..

…Late Night. This one was on repeat this past Saturday till 5:00. The lyrics are heavenly, great synth builds, and the vibe is nothing less than addicting. Turn them speaks up and enjoy this one to the fullest.

Thought I would post this one again as its got a very similar sound and vibe as the above “Black Eye & Blue.” Ya dig?


Fruit Loups

The highly anticipated release of Les Loupes “Club Cœur” album certainly didn’t disappoint. This NuDisco/French Funk Music trio from Germany will surely get you going in the right direction. Can’t get enough of this NuDisco revolution right now…

Play the whole album below or go to Les Loupes – Club Coeur (SoundCloud) for individual tracks