Plaza Mayor

Watching the Spain national team woop up on Venezuela this afternoon brought me back to my time spent in that wonderful country. So, on the way home from work (yea, you got that right, I watch the game at work), I dug deep in the itunes library and found some great tunes I used to frequent during those times. This could go well….or it could go real bad. And yea, watch our for some of the advertisements on these links, they can get kind of dicey…unless your Mr. Botsford and like that sort of thing…

Juan Magan – Mariah (Extended Mix)
Inna – Deja Vu (2009)

Bonus: This is not from my time en Espana but it always reminds me of it
Ferruccio Salvo, R3hab – Keep Up For Your Love (Club Mix)

Oh, and USA soccer won today too, 1-0 vs Italy. Nice job boys.

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