All Hallow’s Eve

Serious Beats n Treats here folks. For the first song we will stay in the Halloween spirit. I just wish I had this one before Saturday night….unreal

Cazzette – The Shining (Original Halloween Mix) “Here’s Johnny!!”

Dance party anyone?
Katie Perry – Last Friday Night (Viceroy Poolside Remix) There’s a reason why its called the “poolside” remix…great new beat on this one.
Rihanna – We Found Love (Chuckie Extended Mix) I’ve been waiting for someone to turn this one into a banger…thanks Chuckie…

Sometimes you come across a song that is just right…
Moby – After (Tim Mason Remix)


Madeon is absolutely killing the EDM scene… Hailing from France, this 17 year old electro/house producer has received praise from some big names including Skrillex and Deadmau5. In fact, his remix to mau5’s “Raise Your Weapon” was released on said Mouse’s latest EP. Still not convinced? Watch Madeon’s latest live video featuring his newest hit “Pop Culture” (download available at the very bottom). And to see exactly what is going on up there in the DJ booth, check out the “live mashup” video below.

Madeon – Pop Culture

I’ll See Your 80’s & Raise You A TNUC

It’s about time I share TNUC with the world. I have been a huge fan of this guy and his work for years now. My obsession with the 80’s doesn’t begin to compare to TNUC’s glory: HE IS THE 80’s.  TNUC is just raw enough to cause some trouble, and just refined enough that the trouble is fun. Enjoy the following videos, as they have given me much pleasure over the the years.

More to come!

Harvest Moon

I totally dropped the ball this year by bringing you this post a month late. The Harvest Moon occurred September 12th, and I really wanted to share this great remix to Neil Young’s Harvest Moon done by Poolside. Enjoy the fall weather, supposed to be a great weekend here in NYC. -Pistol

Harvest Moon – Poolside

here’s another great poolside remix

Do You Believe (Amen Brother Remix) – Poolside

and a great video from their rooftop party at Le Bain September 3rd…