HBO Sundays

Besides being a day off from work, the best thing about Sundays is HBO, and now that Curb is starting this weekend followed by Entourage later this month, it’s going down. Here are some songs inspired by that glorious day of late-night television. Turn em up, and say goodbye to the “Sunday Scaries.”

Many of you have probably seen the previews for the final season of Entourage. The theme song is pretty dope so I looked it up on the Internets…perfect for lounging out with a couple spliff guys.
The Weekend – High For This

So I started watching the 4th season of True Blood and all I have to say is it sucks (no pun intended, it really does suck). Anyways, Avicii took the theme song, well maybe just a snippet of it, and turned it into a dirty dirty house jam.
Avicii – Before This Night Is Through (Bad Things)

Last but by far not least, Curb. No theme song remixes here (although that could be hilarious), and everybody knows too well the “baa da na ba na na na.” So I decided to post one of my favorite Curb clips. Gee officer Krumpke, KRUMP YOU!

Scrappy Out

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